Collaborative Monthly Meeting 10/8/2010

Meeting information will remain posted for at least a week following the meeting. New meeting information will be posted a week prior to the next meeting.



Director's Report
  • Calendar Review
  • If you have items you want added to the calendar, or if you have questions regarding the calendar, click here.

Committee Reports

Regional and Partner Updates
  1. Regional Update: Rena Farrelly, Regional Education Facilitator
  2. Partner Update: Dr. Brenda Tinkham, Chowan University
  3. Partner Update: Christa Monroe, East Carolina University
  4. Partner Update: Dr. Catherine Allen, Model Teacher Education Consortium

Action Items
  1. Budget/Finance Report (Report was emailed to LEA Representatives)
  2. Drive-In Conference
  3. Other

Best Practices/Work Session

Summary - Closure