Collaborative Monthly Meeting 2/4/2011

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Parking Lot (Introduction)

Teach For America -- Daniel Riley

Director's Report

Regional and Partner Updates
  1. Regional Update: Rena Farrelly, Regional Education Facilitator
  2. Partner Update: Dr. Brenda Tinkham, Chowan University
  3. Partner Update: Christa Monroe, East Carolina University
  4. Partner Update: Dr. Catherine Allen, Model Teacher Education Consortium

Action Items
  1. Minutes
  2. Budget/Finance Report
  3. 2012 Retreat
  4. Spring Conference
  5. Service Priorities

Best Practices/Work Session

Parking Lot

Beginning Teacher Support RttT Ad Hoc Committee

  • Next Meeting -- March 4, 2011, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm -- Camden County

Next Steps

Plus/Delta 2-4-11 (Online)

Adjourn: Have a safe trip home :-)